The Madigan Travel Wrap



Introducing the new limited edition  “Madigan Travel Wrap”. We are so excited to be launching this new collection. It is the perfect time of year now that the Spring is upon us, our holidays are just around the corner and we need to start picking up some travel essentials.

Our new wrap is your perfect travel companion. From the moment you even think about travel this wrap comes into its own. Whether you are heading for the ski slopes or basking in the sunshine there are countless times you will reach for your cashmere Madigan Travel Wrap.

If you are a cashmere lover like us here at Madigan, you will know that it is so light in Summer and extremely warm in Winter. It makes packing for that special trip stress free as it rolls up easily to fit into your handbag without worrying about weight and creases.

Comfort is key when your travelling anywhere. So keep yourself snug on your flight and wear it around your shoulders or over your knees to protect from the chilly air conditioning. Once you’ve arrived to your sunny paradise or toasty holiday cottage, transform your Madigan Travel Wrap Into an elegant cashmere wrap pashmina for evening.

Even as you stroll from the beach as the sun goes down our Madigan Cashmere Travel wrap will be your go to piece. Remember malls and restaurants can be cold so what nicer way to cover up than with our luxurious travel wrap ? Wear as a scarf in the snow, a very warm addition you will be glad of. And of course draped across the foot of your bed our travel wrap not only looks beautiful but keeps the feet toasty.


City Wrap Vs Meadow Wrap

We have two different styles in the Madigan Travel Wrap, the “City Wrap” and the Meadow Wrap. Both wraps are equally beautiful and luxurious and are available in four different colours; Ocean, Pink Sky, Sand and Isle.

City Wrap

The City wrap has a classic simply style which has a delicate garter stitch edging. Perfect for the contemporary minimalist lover.

Meadow Wrap

The inspiration for this pattern for the Meadow wrap comes from the beautiful patchwork you see in Irish fields and meadows, as you fly over our countryside and look down the Irish landscape looks just like our cashmere Meadow wrap. This wrap has light stitching throughout to add an extra detail.


The Madigan Travel Wrap collection is  a limited edition collection and has been selling out fast in our Madigan shop in the Westbury mall, Dublin.  Avoid disappointment and pick up your travel wrap today. Shop the link below to get yours while they’re available.


Elaine x