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Pale Grey - Madigan
Pale Pink - Madigan
Oyster - Madigan
Navy - Madigan
Serpentine - Madigan
Grey - Madigan
Ink Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Black - Madigan
Powder Blue Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Sand Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Confetti Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Chartreuse Swatch - Madigan Dublin

The Emma cashmere wrap is one of the most popular items in the Madigan collection, and one of Elaine’s personal favourites. A large and luxurious cashmere wrap, the Emma wrap combines versatility with distinctive beauty. It can be worn in a wide variety of ways and with any garment , so the possibilities for this wonderful wrap are endless. Elegant and feminine, with an alluring scallop trim at each end it makes a great travel companion as well as a wardrobe essential for closer to home.

Elaine says: ‘The versatility of this 100% luxury cashmere wrap makes it a valuable and elegant investment for any wardrobe collection.’

L 213cm x W 64cm (84ins x 24ins)

Sheer versatility and pure luxury is what you can enjoy with the Emma cashmere wrap from the Madigan collection. A long-standing favourite with our customers, this piece adds a touch of class to any ensemble when worn as a wrap or pashmina, or wear it every day as a snug and sumptuous scarf.

The Emma cashmere wrap, like all cashmere pieces from the Madigan collection, combines understated elegance with everyday luxury, for a real feast for the senses.

It can be yours in any of a wide range beautiful tones, ranging the spectrum from delicate neutrals to brilliant colours, and all with the hallmark style and elegance of every garment in the Madigan collection.

The Emma cashmere wrap is imagined, designed, and created in Ireland. Each one is personally checked and hand-finished by Elaine before sale or shipping.

The Madigan cashmere collection represents an Irish lifestyle, drawing inspiration from the delights of the Irish personality and countryside; the delicate flora and fauna; and the weather which is capable of soft rains, stiff breezes and bursts of glorious sunshine within the space of a few minutes.

Most of all, the Madigan cashmere collection portrays the things we love most about this wonderful island: its gentle colour palette, cosy warmth and unassuming elegance, all of which we have combined to deliver the essence of affordable luxury throughout the collection.

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Pale Grey, Pale Pink, Oyster, Cream, Navy, Serpentine, Grey, Ink, Black, Powder Blue, Sand, Confetti, Chartreuse


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    This is one of our most popular Cashmere Wraps, we hope you love it as much as we do.

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