Mary Lou Cape

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Pale Grey - Madigan
Pale Pink - Madigan
Oyster - Madigan
Navy - Madigan
Serpentine - Madigan
Grey - Madigan
Ink Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Black - Madigan
Powder Blue Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Sand Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Confetti Swatch - Madigan Dublin
Chartreuse Swatch - Madigan Dublin

The Mary Lou cashmere cape (also known as a ruana) combines timeless design with high-end fashion to create a stunning and confident look which is at once the essence of style and comfort.

It is a really clever garment and one that is suitable for all seasons. It can be worn in summer over a tee-shirt and cotton jeans, shorts, or a skirt or dress, and like all fine cashmere, it is a great staple for evening time when things become a little chilly. It can also be worn in winter with heavier apparel and a favourite coat.

The Mary Lou cashmere cape makes a particularly stylish statement when paired with a fitting leather belt.

Elaine Madigan says: ‘I was inspired to create the Mary Lou cape by my need for a beautiful chic garment to wear over my leather jacket during our chilling Irish winters, but one that is flexible enough for summer wear too.’

Madigan’s Mary Lou cashmere cape is a luxurious garment to meet all fashion and seasonal needs. Being 100% pure cashmere, it is ideal for travelling, as it is so light it can be rolled up and fitted in a carry-on bag when flying. It is lovely just to throw over your knees for that extra comfort – pure luxury!

The Mary Lou cashmere cape comes in a choice of colours – the widest range of colour offered by any cashmere collection in Ireland. These span the spectrum from neutral tones to vibrant hues, to pair effortlessly with any outfit choice.

The Mary Lou cashmere cape has all the elegance and style that is the hallmark of the entire Madigan Collection. It is custom-designed by Elaine Madigan and handmade in Ireland using traditional methods.

The Mary Lou cashmere cape is imagined, designed, and created in Ireland. Elaine personally checks and hand-finishes each one before sending it for sale or shipping.

The Madigan Cashmere Collection represents an Irish lifestyle, drawing inspiration from the delights of the Irish personality and countryside; the delicate flora and fauna; and the weather, which is capable of soft rains, stiff breezes and bursts of glorious sunshine within the space of a few minutes.

Most of all, the Madigan Cashmere Collection portrays the things we love most about this wonderful island: its gentle colour palette, cosy warmth and unassuming elegance, all of which we have combined to deliver the essence of affordable luxury throughout the collection.

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Pale Grey, Pale Pink, Oyster, Cream, Navy, Serpentine, Grey, Ink, Black, Powder Blue, Sand, Confetti, Chartreuse


  1. elaine madigan cashmere

    This is one of our most popular Cashmere Capes, we hope you love it as much as we do.

  2. Mary

    I Love this Cape…

  3. Erin

    I absolutely LOVE my cape! Your packaging is exquisite and the sweater feels absolutely luxurious! I am so happy I stopped in your store while I was visiting Dublin and am already thinking to order another cape in that beautiful serpentine color!

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