Gina Hooded Cape

€ 395


The Gina cashmere hooded cape is a truly beautiful garment to wear, offering amazing looks and supreme comfort. It is an exceptionally crafted piece that brings a chic and modern twist to a highly functional, warm, and cosy garment.

This cashmere cape is a perfect travel companion, to offer extra warmth when the wind blows above a whisper or the sun sets on your holiday nights.

Elaine Madigan says: ‘For those of us who love hoods, the Gina cashmere hooded cape is the ultimate in luxury.’

L 120cm x W 57cm (47ins x 22ins)

The Gina cashmere hooded cape brings true luxury in the everyday, which is a feature of all garments in the Madigan collection. It can be worn casually by simply popping it over a jeans and top, or it can be partnered with a fitted dress and jacket for a more refined look. This cashmere cape ticks all the boxes for all those who love the modern look with the added benefit of a hood.

The 100% cashmere used is naturally delicate and super-light, ensuring the Gina hooded cape is a dream to wear as well as something that looks amazing.

The Gina cashmere hooded cape comes in a wide choice of colours, as the Madigan collection offers a wider array of colour than any other Irish cashmere collection. You may choose one of our bolder colours to pair it with a specific wardrobe favourite, or else choose from a number of subtle neutrals for a garment that will partner brilliantly with anything.

This cashmere cape is imagined, designed, and created in Ireland, being designed by Elaine Madigan and manufactured only through traditional hand-wove methods. It has all the elegance and style of all garments in the Madigan collection, and Elaine personally checks and hand-finishes each one before allowing it to go for sale or shipping.

The Madigan Cashmere collection represents an Irish lifestyle, drawing inspiration from the delights of the Irish personality and countryside; the delicate flora and fauna; and the weather which is capable of soft rains, stiff breezes and bursts of glorious sunshine within the space of a few minutes.

Most of all, the Madigan Cashmere collection portrays the things we love most about this wonderful island: its gentle colour palette, cosy warmth and unassuming elegance, all of which we have combined to deliver the essence of affordable luxury throughout the collection.

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Pale Pink, Grey, Oyster, Pale Grey


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    This is one of our most popular Cashmere Capes, we hope you love it as much as we do.

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